The Bravium Bracelet

The Cure for Dating Anxiety

One of my clients had a lot of anxiety when she went on a date. She asked me for help and that how The Bravium Bracelet was born. Bravium is Latin for The Prize. It’s to remind her that she doesn’t need to feel anxious, she is the prize. But, it also reduces anxiety when she snaps in. The simple snap on the wrist interrupts the anxious brain patterns and restores a sense of calm.


His is a hand made bracelet. I actually took a silversmithing class to create the charm. But, realized I needed to use a metal alloy to keep the cost down. The beads are actual rose quartz, the stone of self-love. The Bravium bracelet is to remind you not only that You’re The Prize – You’re Already Loved.

You can the Bravium Bracelet now for a special offer: Buy 1 for only $19.50 or get 2 for $29.00. 

Get 1 for $19.50 or 2 for $29.00

Two Great Coaching Packages –
One for singles and one for couples

The Ultimate Transformational

“Get To Loved” Dating Package.

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Are you frustrated with dating?

Tired of not having any luck?


Maybe you’ve been out of the market for awhile and just don’t know where to start?

If you’re thinking, “enough already, I just want to find love!”

This Program is designed for you!

We have an elite team, who’s soul purpose is to transform and prepare you for love.

For South Florida clients:

This luxurious experience begins with a strategy session. Our team of experts work to discover what you want and develop a plan to position you for it. Next, our beauty team provides a complete head to toe makeover. We transform and update your hair, style and make-up. Next, comes the professional photo shoot. Your photos will be updated for maximum effectiveness based on the latest scientist research on attraction combined with beauty enhancing artist techniques. If an online dating profile is part of your strategy, we will help you write and edit one that captures your unique personality and amazing traits. We will also help you field and respond to your responses. We walk with you every step of the way with pre-date coaching as well as post date evaluations. Our single goal is to help you find love.

The Premium Transformational dating Coaching Package includes:

• An extensive overall evaluation – not just physical. We address any underlying issues that stand in your way of love.
• Dating Strategy Session
• Professional makeover – including hair and make-up.
• Style consultation.
• Professional headshots
• A professionally written profile. (If online dating is part of your strategy.
• Email evaluations.
• Pre-dating coaching session.
• Post-dating follow-up and reevaluation session.
• Support and guidance through the entire process.

What people are saying:

11896124_10153231088534773_343138236473937731_n   “Dawn’s program was simple to follow while getting to the source of my difficulties, teaching me to deal with them and then going on to create a happy, confident new me. I am grateful to Dawn every day for giving me the tools I need to find the life and the relationship I want”     -R.J. Carlson

This transformational package is valued at over $3, 987.  However you can get it for a limited time for

Only $2,947.

You could be chosen to be featured on our transformational reality show Lonely to Loved.

Out of State clients can also experience the transformational process. We have limited packages that include profile review, strategy sessions and coaching.

Standard Coaching Packages

Coaching per week $160 (50 minute session)

Month package $500 (4 sessions) plus panic texts

Dating packages help prepare you to find love. We create a dating strategy based on your goals. We also work to uncover and resolve any underlying blocks to love.

“I Just Don’t Have Time to Date” Package.

In addition to the monthly package above, we help you craft your dating profile. We pre-screen responses and help craft replies. This includes pre-dating and post-dating sessions. $750 a month.

To find out more simply request a free no obligation consultation. Here: Reserve Your Spot  Don’t need the whole package?We offer individual packages tailored to your needs including:

• Dating profile review $247.
• Dating profile review with a professionally written rewrite $347.
• Mini-coaching sessions starting at $89. For those that just need a little guidance.
• Weekly coaching sessions starting at $247.
• Monthly coaching sessions starting at $347.
• To find out more reserve your no obligation consultation above.

Already In a Relationship?

But want a more loving relationship? Ask about the Happily-Ever-After package.

This is for a woman that wants a more loving relationship without couples counseling. This is scientifically proven techniques that can create an amazing blissful relationship almost magically (even if you’ve been together for years). Monthly coaching sessions start at only $347.

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$500 Package

On Going Classes

The Udemy Developing a Healthy GPS class is based on Dawn’s previous book From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System). After struggling for years picking one wrong guy after another, Dawn finally stopped, and took a look at the underlying causes to her attraction to men that were wrong for her. Her discovery and healing resulted in this inspirational course.

Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System)

• Class online (on going)
• Now only $25

8 Weeks to a Healthy Guy Picking System

Just Announced on Daily Om!

You can take this 8-week course for only $10! DailyOm allows you to choose your price!

DailyOm Healthy Guy Picking System Course

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