Science of Attraction (pt 2)

Last week, we discussed Pat’s desire to re-ignite her sexual signaling. We learned that increasing facial coloring contrast could make her face appear more feminine, which is important to signaling or flirting. Now, lets take a closer look what colors look best and were they should be.
According to a study published in the Journal of Vision, our brain is wired to identify gender based on facial cues and coloring. A team from the University of Montreal found that luminescence of the eyebrow and mouth region is more feminine.  Nicolas Dupuis-Roy, the lead author of the study explains, “A man’s face usually reflects less light around the eyebrows. This is because they are usually thicker.”
Therefore, if Pat wants to get her mating mojo moving, she might want to start by plucking her eyebrows to decrease the thickness, then applying a light radiant eye shadow to the upper part of the eyelid closest to the eyebrow. Since we learned last time that more contrast signals womanly, the lower portion of the eyelid should have a complimentary color that is darker. In fact, if Pat uses a very dark eye shadow on her lower lid, with a high contrasting luminescent shadow on her upper lid, she will produce the effect called sultry smoky bedroom eyes.

The study also found that the shades of red and green around the mouth and eyes leads to enhanced femininity. However, contrary to what might first think, the study found that on any complexion, redder faces are considered male, while greener ones are considered female. The author states, “Studies have shown that an androgynous face is considered male if the skin complexion is redder, and considered female if the complexion is greener.” Therefore, using a foundation with a slight tinge of green can enhance the femininity of the face. A well kept secret of fashion photographers and make-up artists.
“However, it is the opposite for the mouth. A woman’s mouth is usually redder. Our brain interprets this characteristic as female.” Therefore, applying red lipstick can enhance feminine beauty.
But, red lipstick is not for everyone. Stop back next week to find out if science says red is the best color for Pat to choose and why.

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