Love School Lesson #3

Hi welcome to Love School, my name is Dawn Maslar and this is lesson #3

Last week, I told you that today I would answer that question, “is it okay for a woman to ask a man out?”

As I said in the introductory video, I’m a biologist. We study nature in order to understand how the world works. So, when we look at nature what do we see.

We see things like deer and big horn male sheep fighting each other. Why? They are not fighting for food, or because they are enemies. The only reason these guys are fighting is to impress the ladies. The one that proves he is bigger and stronger will be most attractive.

We also see male peacocks that expend great amounts of energy to grow majestic tails. These elaborate feathers don’t help him fly, or give him an advantage when he’s looking for food. In fact, it’s the opposite; those feathers are attractive to other animals thinking of him as food. Why would he spend all this energy and risk to have those feathers? Because the ladies like them.

Let’s look at one more example. The bowerbird. He spends a great deal of time building a bower, a stick structure, he decorates it with he favorite color of blue. When a female comes around he does his best dance moves and sometimes tries to give her a gift.

What does this all mean? It means drum roll please…Ladies you are the prize!

You are the one to be won. You deserve to be pursued. Remember last week, I talked about the brain differences. He’s built to pursue. He has that larger pursuit spot. He has an internal tracking device and his vision is stimulated when you are on the move.

To answer the question, who should pursue who? He should clearly pursue you. But that’s not to say, you don’t do anything. Your job is not to pursue, its to attract.

In this series I explain not only enhancing your attraction, I’ll explain why he needs to pursue to help fall in love.

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  1. Lissy
    LissyAugust 9,15

    What if you’re older without a uterus, are you still the prize? Are you still pursue-worthy?

    • Dawn Maslar
      Dawn MaslarAugust 9,15

      Lissy, this is a great question! The short answer is Absolutely!! But, things do change some when you get older. It’s more than I can explain in this comment, so I’m going to take your question and answer it more in depth in a video in my next session. So make sure you look for it in Love School Lesson #9. I’m so glad you asked this. Thank you so much!!

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