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Love School Lesson #19 – Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?

As you know, I invite your questions on this blog. The other day, I had a gentleman write in and said, “I’m curious, as a scientist,

is their any validity to the saying, “Gentlemen prefer blondes?”

 My first thought as a blonde was, “Yay!!” But as a researcher I am suppose to remain objective. I am supposed to investigate without prejudice. So I tried to cast my own personal biases to the side and take a look. But, I have to admit that I’ve always believed that in a competition between a blonde and a brunette that the blonde would usually win the guy. Of course, that was before Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston for Angelia Jolie.

 So, the question is do Gentlemen really prefer blondes?

Well it turns they might. But, it not about the hair color so much as the origins of the word Gentlemen. It turns out the word gentlemen originated from the Scandinavian aristocracy. Understanding that now helps the phrase gentlemen prefer blondes make more sense biologically.

But its not necessarily the hair color, but the light skin that typically goes with the blonde hair that may have created the preference. Evolutionarily speaking, men are naturally attracted to traits that indicate good health and reproductive ability such as clear skin, rosy cheeks, and wide hips.

Light skin is an indicator that a woman is likely to have a healthy child in northern countries. In cool climates like Scandinavian exposure to sunlight is limited. The body synthesizes Vitamin D from sunlight, which helps to absorb the calcium. To produce healthy children woman need more calcium during pregnancy and lactation. Skin pigmentation can interfere with Vitamin D synthesize. Therefore, Scandinavia woman with lighter hair and skin have a biological advantage.

Of course, today we can get our vitamins through supplements, making the need for lighter skin or hair unimportant. In fact, 200 years ago lighter skin was a sign of health and wealth, but since then it has changes. Today darker tanner skin is a sign of health and wealth.

            So, Do Gentlemen still prefer blondes

Maybe if he’s ancient Danish Royalty. But, besides things like tans and hair color can go in and out of fashion. If you really want to attract someone, it better to focus on those things that don’t go out of style, like indicators of good health.

So instead of worrying about hair color, things like eating right, exercising and a bright smile are always prefer by gentlemen.

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