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Love School Lesson #12 – Dating Profile Update


Last week, we took a look at Patricia’s dating profile. If you recall, there were a few issues including the most glaring one, that her about section was the opening line to United States Constitution. That did not send a warm and fuzzy message that she was she was looking for a serious loving relationship. She also, left the “for fun” section and the “date idea section” blank. I also gave her a few suggestions for picture selection. I told her since this is Love School, updating her profile was her homework.

Well, I’m glad to announce that Patricia is an A+ student, already making changes. So today, we are going to revisit her profile to see how she did. The first thing you notice on the profile is the new picture. I’ve stated many times before, that people are more attracted to the color red. Although ideally, I would like to see a new profile picture, Patricia was able to find an older picture with a red background. She noted in her last profile that she had cut her hair and “hated it.” This picture is pre-haircut, but since its pulled back, the difference is not as obvious as the first picture she had. So, I like this change and it will work until she can get a new set of updated pictures.

Next, let’s take a look at her headline. If you remember her last one said, “relationships are not suppose to be difficult.” Either indicated she has difficult relationships or worse, she’s not difficult. In other words, she’s easy. Neither one is a message we want to send.

Now she has, “Is your passport up to date?” Now, that’s intriguing and makes me want to read more.

So, lets take a look at her about section. Wow! What a difference. Her last about section with the constitution quote basically saying “go away, I’m not really serious.”

But this new one says, I am an adventurous, passionate, kind, and responsible woman who is entering a time in my life to pursue my passions, expand my horizons, and start checking things off my bucket list. There are lots of things just waiting to be learned about by me and I would love to spend time with someone who enjoys sharing his passions with others and learning new things.

I have recently returned from a blessed and life changing experience teaching English in the Caribbean. I can’t wait to share what I learned especially about myself with the right person. It reminded me of a quote from St. Augustine- “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” I am looking for another avid reader such as myself to explore few chapters of what the world has to offer while building a lasting relationship, I believe the best things in life aren’t things, chivalry isn’t dead, treating people the way they want to be treated is a sign of respect, and happily ever after can exist. You just can’t let other people define what that means for you. What do you think?

Well what I think is this is terrific. Her profile is now warm, adventurous and inviting. I wanted to hear more about the life-changing Caribbean trip, but I kind of like the little teaser she did with she can’t wait to share it with the right person.

Now, she has this great theme going. So I went back to the pictures for a moment. I noticed that she left the old body shoot. Now I snooped around and found another shoot from the same trip. This is a picture of her riding a burro on a beach. I prefer this picture because it fits with her travel and adventure thing and it sends a very different message, then the one standing in front of a bed in a hotel room. This about that for a moment.

I also liked her “for fun” section. She stated I love going places that I have never been before and learning about new things. I enjoy live sporting events, performances and natural landmarks. Again she has that fun and adventurous vibe.

This also tells me she’s bold and daring. Not content sitting on the couch watching life go by. She’s out there in it. This can be very appealing to man, especially to someone who has gone through a divorce and is looking for someone to share new adventures with.

I think Patricia has done a great job. Now, the new profile has only been up a few days, but I asked what the response has been. She said her profile activity actually slowed down. Now you might think that’s a bad sign, but its not.

This is an important point. Many women confuse quantity with quality. In other words, if they get a lot of attention they think they are doing something right. But, this can be wrong.

The idea is that if you have more to choose from you are more likely to find someone you like. But, you end up being inundated by men you aren’t interested in. Its better to have a profile that causes the men to self-select. Remember I told you last week that Patricia profile said, “I’m not that serious” so she caught the attention of men that where not that serious. Well this profile says I’m serious but in a fun way. In other words, she is really looking for someone to spend her life with. Therefore, the men that were just looking for someone to play with are going to leave her alone.

Also, it can take some time for the men that are serious to find her. She has fewer men, but these men are quality. These are men that are serious. These are men that are ready to step-up and say “yes” to a real relationship. And these are exactly the type of men that Patricia is looking for.

This may be a good time for her to use that neural question technique. She can look around and find a man she is interested in and ask him a question based on his profile. An ideal situation for her might be something like. “Hi, I noticed that you went to Seattle. I was considering going there and was wondering what you would consider to be the must see places?” If he responds you are now on his radar.

So now you are ready Patricia. Treat this like your theme, have fun, be adventurous and enjoy.

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