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Testimonial from the Science of Finding Love, May 28, 2015 – Pittsburgh, PA


The Great Love Experiment

Great Love Experiment with Dawn Maslar from Dawn Maslar on Vimeo.

Think you know Love? In this hilariously interactive show, audience members get involved in the experiments. Find out how your nose effects who you are attracted too. And, what happens to your brain when you fall in love. Can love effect intelligence? Have fun while you learn about the science of love. This is great for colleges or single events.

What people are saying:

“It was an awesome experience.” – Lee Mariel, Broward College

“It all makes sense now!!” Jordon-Lee, Broward College

“She is so charming and informative. I love her!” Mary, Broward College

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Love and Unity

This talk discusses the science of love and the importance of community for finding and maintaining love. This clip is from a presentation at the Unity Of Pompano Fellowship Hall.

Love Series

This is a four part series in understanding and applying the science of love.

I. The Science of Dating

This talk walks you through the four stages of love. Biologist Dawn Maslar, explains that attraction is just attraction. You can be attracted to many people at the same time. This can be the beginning of love or not. Next, she explains how your brain falls in love. This is based on her revolutionary TEDx talk that explains that your Grandmother’s wisdom was right. Men and women fall in love differently and introducing sex to early in the relationship can derail love.

Next, Dawn explains what happens to your brain when you fall in love. Spoiler alert, it something she calls “temporary insanity.” And, finally, what happens next. The feelings associated with love will change, now you are left with a choice. You can either break off the relationship believing the love has ended, or take what you learned when you fell in love and practice it. This talk is an overview with further details and practical advice given in the follow-up talks.

II. The Science of Dating

In this workshop, Dawn breaks down love further. This is a more in depth discussion on the science of love where she provides practical applications. In her TEDx talk, she explains that women tend to fall in love with sex and men with commitment. But, how do you ask for a commitment? In this talk, Dawn emphasizes the importance of women having standards and explains the biological effect this has. She explains biological indicators that a relationship is turning towards love and what to do if it’s not. His is an important conversation for anyone who is looking for love.

III. The Science of Falling in Love

Learn what happens in your brain when you fall in love. Find out what parts of your brain actually shut down making “love blind.” Discover how changes in your neurotransmitters make you feel obsessed. And, learn what’s happening that causes most people not to be able to eat or sleep. Most people love falling in love, but after this talk, you might not look at falling in love the same way again.

IIII. The Science of Happily Ever After

Pioneer researcher in the science of love, Dr. Helen Fisher, found that the majority of divorces occur in the U.S. around the second year. Why? The neurological effects of falling in love lasts between one and three years. In this workshop, Dawn explains the fourth stage of love. This is the stage after your brain returns to normal. During this stage that love changes from a feeling to a decision. Dawn explains the dynamic neurological shift that occurs, and the research that shows that happily ever after is possible, once you understand love and apply a few easy practices.

Creating Miracles in Your Love Life

Biology professor and science of love expert, Dawn Maslar explains the science behind spiritual principles that you can incorporate to make your love life richer and more fulfilling. Dawn explains the four stages of love and how practicing spiritual principles can help make each phase easier. Fear in the form of protectiveness and stress can have a physiological effect on your ability to love. The course explains you can choose fear or love. Dawn explains the biological effect of these choices. The workshop wonderfully blends neuroscience, spirituality and meditation, while providing the tools needed to create miracles in your love life. This unique interactive workshop includes a guided meditation.

Science and Scriptures

There is a misconception that science and spirituality/religion don’t mix. However, nothing can be further from the truth. In this talk, biologist Dawn Maslar explains the science behind Corinthians 13. Scholars have reported that the message Paul was conveying in Corinthians is that love evolves from a feeling to a practice. In this dynamic discussion, Dawn explains the neuroscience of this evolution and shows how practicing the scriptures can lead to life long love.

Science and Scriptures from Dawn Maslar on Vimeo.

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