Love School Lesson #18 Starting a Dating Blog

Today I’d like to talk to you about dating blogging. Recently I had a client tell me that she wanted to start a blog about her dating. Intrigued I asked her to tell me more. She said her dating has been such a disaster that she wanted to write a blog about it.

She thought it would be hilarious and a lot of people would get a kick out of it. Of course, I said “Oh no! You can’t do that.“ Why? Because what she was doing would be going out on dates looking for problems. Every date she went on she would be looking for the fatal flaw to blog about.

But this doesn’t mean blog dating is a bad thing. In fact, this afternoon I had a Blab with my friend Rita Goodroe. A blab is a website where people get online to chat and you can view and even join in. If you’re interested in learning more about my Love at Lunch blabs I’ll have a link at the end, or find me at with my twitter handle @DawnMaslar.

But,, back to Rita. Rita decided to start dating blog but Rita did something quite unique. We decided to have fun dating. She created a blog called 35 Dates in 30 Days. In it she chronicled her dates every day during that time. But she didn’t focus on not meeting someone, or not connecting. Instead she focused on meeting new people and having cool experiences. What happened was this became a fun and enjoyable blog. It even lead to meeting the man she is married to today.

The difference is that Rita was having a good time and yes, not every day was great. But, she had a light-hearted attitude and was not looking for the disaster. In other words, Rita had a very different mind-set than my client. My client was going out with the idea that her dating life was a tragedy and would continue to be a disaster. This lead her to the “lets make lemonade out of the lemons idea.” Which sound like a great idea in principle. But, would lead her to keep picking lemons.

Instead of looking for men that would be great fits, over time she would end-up focusing on which on would make the best blog post.

So if you want to blog about dates go ahead. But keep it positive and fun. Maybe do a journal blog like Rita, or a challenge blog, like which dating sites have the best matches. Just don’t do a dating disaster or bad date dairies. That goes for social media posts too. Keep things fun and positive and you will attract things that are fun and positive.

If you would like to see that blab I’ll enclose the link so you can replay. And, if you would like to join in next week for my Thursday Love at Lunch, subscribe to the link so you’ll know when it will be on.

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