Science of Love


Summer Lovin – Fact or Fiction?

You’ve probably heard phases such as summer lovin or hot summer romance. But, are these backed-up by science or are …

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Science of Attraction (pt 3) – Seeing Red

Last week I stated that red lipstick could increase femininity and sexual attraction. However, I noted that red might not …

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Science of Attraction (pt 2)

Last week, we discussed Pat’s desire to re-ignite her sexual signaling. We learned that increasing facial coloring contrast could make …

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The Science of Attraction (Part 1)

Pat Wright recently moved to Florida to begin a new chapter in her life. She was single, available, and ready …

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Like Hot Bodies? Dating for Dimorphs.

Last week, I asked my Facebook friends if they were sexually dimorphic? I received several responses. Everything from “Yes, of …

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Introduction to the Science of Love

With a savory flush of sensual, dewy-skinned lust, a scantily clad brunette ambles onto the stage. She exhales audibly, brushes …

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