Devotion Test

New Test Shows Commitment in Men

Would you believe me if I said I can accurately predict if a man is in love and committed to you?

It’s not magic, or some psychic ability, it science.

You’ve hear me talk about it before. Love and commitment have a physiological effect on men. I have been able to accurately test this in a laboratory and now I’m creating an instant at home test

I introduced the test on a show called The Elevator Pitch. When you watch my part you can see that the main investor was very nervous, to the point of saying that my test would cost him 6 million dollars in a divorce. He went on to tell me that there was no market. I think this is wishful thinking and a great deal of fear on his part. But, I want to know what you think? Do you think there is a market?

On the show, it’s called the Devotion Test. However, using the word “test” provided to be scary. So, we have changed the name to ReassureHer. A man can use the test to reassure the woman that he loves that he is committed. Please take a look at the show clip and if you think this is valuable, consider supporting us.


Show clip: My part starts about 5 minutes in,

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